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MILWAUKEE, WI- There are new business opportunities in Milwaukee’s service industry, which are beaming like rays of light after a devastating period of the pandemic that has hit businesses with limited hours due to staff shortages, as well as backlogs in the supply chain and lack of incentive to work in a relentless field.

While the industry is still struggling with these issues, businesses are also learning how to survive and even thrive with a new set of rules in place.

The 3rd Street Market Hall on the avenue located at 275 W. Wisconsin Ave. is one of those places that is breaking new ground and attracting new tenants during this difficult time.

Partner of Dairyland Old Fashioned Custard and Hamburgers, Joe McCormick is optimistic about the future of the restaurant industry and the unique platform offered by 3rd Street Market Hall.

“We’ve been behind this project since the day we heard about it. We believe that the Market Hall project will be transformative for Milwaukee and in particular the downtown area, ”said McCormick.

He reiterates that culture within the industry will prove to be a huge incentive for workers in a competitive labor market.

“Yes, it’s a challenge to find people, but if we create a culture in an exciting, exciting and rewarding workplace, this is how we’re going to find the right people,” said McCormick.

A number of 3rd Street Market Hall restaurants including Dairyland Hamburgers, Midway Bakery, MaKE Waves, The Green House, and other vendors will be opening soon.

They are looking to fill all positions, from bartenders and managers, from event sales to social media management.

For more information on starting a career at 3rd Street Market Hall, email [email protected] or CLICK HERE to apply online.



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