4 art prints to complete your home gallery wall



Creating an eye-catching gallery wall in your living room is a quick, easy, and affordable way to immediately inject personality into your home. A blank wall is an opportunity to get creative with art prints, posters, paintings, and photographs of various sizes and styles. Don’t think that you have to stick to just one theme: mix and match as your heart desires until you create a wall that reflects your tastes.

Need some inspiration? These four fine art prints will immediately enliven your space.

Peytil The Last Supper Impression

All of Peytil’s works are characterized by bold, expressive lines on a clean white canvas, and this impression is no different. Perfectly capturing Peytil’s unique street-art inspired style, it will look great when displayed among colorful artwork.

LOOPALU Coastal Groove Photography

Photographed for LOOPALU by Maret Loopalu, this photo captures the beautiful coastline and distinctive light of the Estonian island of Hiiumaa. Quiet and transporting, it’s the perfect work of art for city dwellers to gaze longingly all day long.

Wall of Art Sculptor Print

Sold exclusively by Swedish print collective Wall of Art, this soft and subtle abstract line illustration by Lucrecia Rey Caro will look great in any interior. Place it against a colorful wall to bring it to life.

Tappan Whisper I by Divine Southgate-Smith

This limited edition print by Tappan is the work of artist Divine Southgate-Smith, who has harnessed her sculptural background to create a series of monochrome and two-dimensional works that break down aspects of classical architecture into modern compositions. It will look great in contrast with bolder and more colorful prints.

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