A Vulture Wake, Stuck Lucky Headline Nashville Punk Rock Flea Market 6.11.22


I can confidently say this is the best punk event held in Music City at least since I started calling here home in 2013. Held at the famous Other Farms a short drive from downtown , and judging by the fact that the event shirts, water and food had all sold out just halfway through the event, expectations were shattered and we threw a party ourselves. All eight bands played hard, over 50 vendors set up camp and drew a crowd I’d guess well over a thousand, and Denver-based nonprofit Punk Rock Saves Lives , swabbed people left and right for their bone marrow registry. The beer was drunk and we had fun!

Indianapolis native Mike Muse of Amuse kicked things off with a solo acoustic set after the other 2/3 of Amuse couldn’t make it. Nevertheless, the acoustic set was a great precursor for what was to follow. Finally, the boys from SecondSelf joined Mike for some much-needed and timely Skate or Die coverage, much to the delight of the ever-growing crowd.

SecondSelf has solidified itself as one of my local favorites over the past few years; it’s a great band of guys playing hard, fast, killer punk rock, what more could you ask for. There’s something really cool about these guys, and for the love of Nashville punk rock, I hope that continues. I’ve seen these guys live more than anyone else, and Nate’s guitar solos always almost melt me.

Sugar In The Gas Tank was a bit of a last minute addition to NPFM, but they provided a nice change of pace with their brand of early 2000s 182nd pop punk. Their catchy riffs and upbeat tempo gave me flashbacks to my younger years on the Warped Tour and showed me a side of Nashville punk that I hadn’t seen in years, but was glad to have present.

I’ve caught Tank Rats a few times over the years, most recently a few months ago opening for Cryptics. And man, do these guys bring some fucking energy! The Tank Rats brand of Nashville street punk was in the spotlight with this impressive performance. As soon as their set started, the mood set in and our Music City night was in full swing, thanks in large part to the utter chaos these guys brought to the stage.

Stuck Lucky holds a special place in my heart. They headlined the first punk show I attended in Nashville, and since then I’ve followed any local show that these guys were on. A masterful blend of ska and punk that I find hard to relate to, and, like fine wine, these guys have only gotten better with age.

Their mastery was on full display during their set, which involved trombonist Will Carter hopping through the crowd and riding a stuffed banana mid-song.

Flummox was a great representation of the diversity of the Nashville punk scene. We had West Coast skate-punk well represented by Secondself, pop-punk by Amuse and SITGT, ska by Stuck Lucky, and oi! by Tank Rats. Flummox was weird, but in the best way, and it’s hard to pin them down to any particular genre.

Breaux! was the first of two acts that I was particularly excited to see for the first time. I don’t know why I had never heard of these guys, but their performance made me remember seeing A Wilhelm Scream in Nashville a few years before. Lead singer Price Cannon entertained the steady crowd that continued to fill the market, and they were a great predecessor for the punk rock mastery that was to follow, A Vulture Wake.

We’ve now reached the main event, the band I’ve been dying to see for years since I stumbled upon Chad Price’s One Week Record in 2018, A Vulture Wake. When I discovered guitarist Dan Wleklinsi’s tenure at the start of Rise Against, it only added to my anticipation. To put it bluntly, these guys sure know how to rock and exceeded anything I expected.

There isn’t much to say about this type of performance except that I would recommend these guys to anyone looking to see a great punk show. Wleklinski can shred the guitar, and I was in awe of Chad Price’s vocals throughout their set. If anything, look at this guy’s hair; worth the price of admission in itself.

Below are all the other photos I got from the show (these represent the small percentage that didn’t come out as complete trash). Feel free to browse at your leisure and I hope to have many more of these galleries in the months to come. Cheers!


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