Additional Dulwich Hamlet Photo Gallery! More shots of 2-1 away win at Braintree on Saturday – Brixton Buzz



You can never have enough photos of an away victory for Dulwich Hamlet. Following Buzz snapper Max’s gallery, we have another set of photos to share from the 2-1 win away from Dulwich at Braintree Town on Saturday.

Premier League clubs like to pimp this content in the form of ‘alternate angle’ shots. They’re bleeding dry every last bit of exclusive fan content, usually behind a poxy paywall.

Here at Brixton Buzz, the truth is we love the Hamlet and are happy to send some snappers to the Essex areas.

The club themselves were embarrassed by the highlights of the video. Braintree seemed to behave like a Premier League club, protecting their image rights and disliking anyone else trying to get sniffed.

Which is all the stranger, given that their “premium content” wasn’t all there was to shout about.

Anyway, here are the shots.

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