Applecross Art Gallery puts history and sustainability in frame with original recycled wood idea

Jack Marris with one of his photos framed in recycled poles.

A picturesque Highland village is blessed with its own gallery showcasing the peninsula’s world-famous sights and wildlife.

Applecross Art Gallery and Picture Studio was opened ten years ago by budding photographer and entrepreneur Jack Marris.

Nestled in the moors of Camusteel, Applecross, the gallery is filled to the brim with photos Jack has taken over the years, including the Bealach na Ba, the Cullins, Highland cows and starry skies.

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Applecross Art Gallery

He now employs five people from the area, supplying another sector in the area.

Jack said: “The people who work here are so great and I’m very happy that we can employ so many local people.

“They’ve been so supportive of creating this gallery and to be able to provide another industry for Applecross other than hospitality and agriculture is rewarding.”

The savvy 30-something now has a new project that will allow visitors to bring even more Applecross home.

Running with the idea of ​​a friend’s suggestion, Jack began framing his photos with wooden posts that are no longer used around Applecross.

By getting permission from the Applecross Estate, Jack was able to turn these now useless messages into rustic picture frames.

Further supporting the circular economy is the fact that these poles were made from Applecross trees that were felled in the 1980s.

Jack said: “We are so happy to be able to take these poles and turn them into frames.

“When people visit the beautiful scenery here, they are always happy to take a photo again to remember the scenery.

Photos framed with the posts.
Photos framed with the posts.

“Now they can take home another piece of Applecross while supporting a sustainable circular economy.”

Applecross Art Gallery is open seven days a week from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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