Art gallery brings Africa to El Paso


EL PASO, Texas — Kimberly McDaniel grew up in an artists household. Her father was an artist, that’s how she found her love for art.

“One of the things I always wanted to do was have my own art gallery,” McDaniel said.

A passion of an art collector transformed into a business. One that will span generations of the McDaniel family. McDaniel opened the JMM Gallery in May 2019 with his own savings. “All my granddaughters are under 10, so it’s actually for them,” she said.

JMM Gallery is a place where the community can go to appreciate or even purchase African American art. “Realizing the beauty of being Black, of being African,” McDaniel said.

McDaniel said, “We’re very creative, we have a story to tell.” McDaniel connects with African American artists and purchases their art through social media.

She says it may take time, but it’s not the hardest part of her business. McDaniel says one of the hardest things about owning a business is workload.

“You don’t get tired, I do it myself and I do it because I like it but you get tired,” McDaniel said.

She says her job means a lot to her because she uses it to honor her father. “You know he was the artist and it’s just like, ‘Hey daddy, look what I’m doing,'” McDaniel said.

McDaniel finds running an art gallery fulfilling, but she wants to do more. She builds fresh water wells in Africa with proceeds from her art sales.

“The next step is to get the nonprofit on its feet,” McDaniel says. This non-profit organization is called “We, us, ours”. McDaniel plans to use it to connect Africa to America.


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