Artists pass the pandemic at the Stay Home gallery in Paris



PARIS, Tennessee (WTVF) – Female artists from across the country flock to Henry County for a retreat at the Stay Home Gallery.

“You’re not just here to produce and come away doing 200 paintings, or whatever you want to do in your time, I think residences can also be about rest and research and also having a little mental space, ”said Kaylan Buteyn, the owner of the Paris retreat.

Kaylan Buteyn, an artist herself, opened the gallery house and residence with her friend Pam Taylor. The gallery is in Buteyn’s three-bedroom house which she, her husband and children left earlier this year.

“It was like ‘if we could keep this house that we have devoted so much love and attention to but have it used for something else that would be really special,’” said Buteyn.

Buteyn and Taylor launched an Instagram in the spring that shared what artists were doing during the pandemic. They decided to make it a brick and mortar after Buteyn moved.

“We have people coming in to use the land, stay at home, use the land and use the art studio,” Taylor said.

A few months after its opening, the Stay Home Gallery residency program is already booked for this year and 2021. Artists from California to Connecticut have applied to work and stay in retirement with loved ones. Artists have been accepted on a first come, first served basis and scholarships are available.

“A lot of art residences are just a space that people can come to. A lot of them are bare bones in what they offer … [Our] the intention was for the artists to come and live in an inspiring space and feel like a retreat as well as a residence, as they engage with the art on the walls all the time while they are there. We felt like it was something we hadn’t seen in a lot of residences, ”said Buteyn.

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