September 13, 2021

A free 24 hour miniature gallery, the first of its kind in Batavia, was erected at Grace McWayne School on August 16, 2021. Grace McWayne School is located at 3501 Hapner Way, Batavia. Located at the top of the hill next to the school’s blue stair railing, the Free Little Art Gallery of Batavia allows the public to view the works of artists from the community, to take home works by art that they like and add works of art that they create themselves. . The collection changes as new rooms are added and existing rooms find new homes. The only permanent items are the furniture, the easels and the clients of the gallery.

Additions to the gallery must be 6 “x 9” or less, but all types of artistic media are welcome, including paintings, drawings, prints, collages, poetry, sculpture and ceramics.

The 24-hour community gallery makes arts and crafts more accessible than a traditional gallery, giving amateur artists and craftspeople the opportunity to exhibit their work to a local audience and enabling all levels of art to be shared, seen and appreciated. The Free Little Art Gallery in Batavia is curated by local artist and veteran art teacher Nikki Pappanduros, who received a grant from the Batavia Mothers’ Club Foundation (BMCF) to build the gallery. Grant recipients share BMCF’s goal of improving the lives of children and families in Batavia and the Fox Valley.

“My hope was to bring joy to the community, to be a bright spot on a walk or bike ride or for students waiting for the bus in the morning,” said Ms. Pappanduros.

The Free Little Art Gallery in Batavia can be found on Instagram at @freelittleartgallery_batavia.



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