Canadian homebuilder’s $100 million donation brought HdM’s Vancouver Art Gallery expansion project back from the dead | News


Most recent rendering of the updated design courtesy of Herzog & de Meuron

After years of shutdowns and restarts, triumphant announcements and long silences, there is finally new momentum.

Gallery officials meet regularly with the city, the town hall is reviewing the length of the rental contract, an open day is planned for March and the shovels could be in the ground next year.

All it took was one private donation – $100 million. — The Globe and Mail

The company’s repeatedly revised design was originally slated to be its first commission in the country for an expansion effort that has been considered since it was first announced in 2014. The Vancouver Art Gallery has balked at the effort from the start. of the 2000s without naming a winner. Herzog & de Meuron’s latest version features a new woven copper faceplate and was developed with input from four Indigenous artist design consultants representing Vancouver’s Indigenous communities.

Philanthropist homebuilding magnate Michael Audain’s donation was announced on November 4 and came with a number of his own design “suggestions” which would have touched on the vertical orientation of the floor plan and the original martial of the facade now redone. The museum is still seeking funding of around $160 million (CAD) to complete the $400 million capital project, but supporters are optimistic that Audain’s donation has given back the project on track for an inauguration in 2023 and completion in 2028.

“Almost 100%, it changed everything,” said VAG director Anthony Kiendl. Globe and Mail. “I still believed it was possible before that. But I think it gives the certainty and the confidence to realize the magnitude of the vision.


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