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By Amy Burger Special at Post-Dispatch

Longtime radio veteran and voiceover artist Brian Kirchoff started painting just three years ago, but in no time he honed his skills and amassed a vast collection of artwork. abstract. He has exhibited and sold his work at various art exhibitions and on his website, and works in a basement studio in the Central West End condo he shares with his wife, Betsy. Brian’s art also adorns the walls of almost every room in their home.

Brian and Betsy Kirchoff filled their townhouse with paintings created by Brian. Video by Hillary Levin

Built in 1904, the historic building was gutted and renovated in 1989. The Kirchoffs believe it was once a four-family house, but was converted into a two-family house during this renovation with row houses side by side. The Kirchoffs bought their unit six years ago, moving into the 1,100-square-foot-per-floor condo of their former 3,500-square-foot home in nearby college town as their daughter left for college out of the city. State.

“I tend to want to move every 10 years,” says Brian. “We’ve always loved the Central West End. Every now and then I would just look to see what was available.

When the Kirchoffs saw the remodeled condo, they knew it was perfect for them, with two floors of living space plus the finished basement for Brian’s art and recording studio. They were also delighted that there was a detached garage and a small fenced yard, both of which are hard to find in a city condo.

The house has been nicely renovated with lovely touches including beautiful walnut doors, stairs and woodwork, as well as fitted wardrobes and a marble fronted wood burning fireplace in the living room. When they moved in, they worked with their neighbors to remodel the building’s front facade and replace its membrane roof. They also enlarged and concealed the living room porch, as well as a terrace on the second floor of the master suite and added a full width retractable awning.



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