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Business is growing on a street in Emporia. Perking, you might say.

“We are really happy about it. We are delighted, ”said Joe Corn, director of Gravel City Roasters on Friday.

Corn and his staff will spend part of the next week moving Gravel City Roasters from their current home at 608 Commercial St. to 715 Commercial St. The move can be done just one block and across the street. , but it occupies the staff.

“The frenzy of moving to a new area … the act of doing it and the new routine.” Until we’re fully open, it’s exhausting, but in a good way, ”said Corn.

The move was due to a need for expansion – and not just for coffee.

“We have exceeded the space we have,” said Corn. “Our current owners have wanted to expand their offices for some time. “

Coldwell Banker shares the old location with Gravel City. The cafe will share its new location with Trox Gallery and Gifts, which also needs more space.

“It could be about double the seating space,” Corn said. “I think we’re going to have a conference room that people can book. “

Gravel City’s last day at the old location will be Saturday. The new location will open on Wednesday morning, but Corn has said a grand reopening with Trox is scheduled for Saturday, October 16.

While no new drinks will mark the movement, Corn said the company “is researching and offering new seasonal drinks.” They will likely debut once everyone has settled into the new location. And Corn shared a tip for fans of Pumpkin Spice Latte.

“We actually try to keep him here all year round,” he said. “I’m on the pumpkin spice wagon.”



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