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It cost 24 billion HUF (67.6 million euros) and has 6,200 seats: it is Tatabánya’s new handball hall. The sports arena was inaugurated on Wednesday. The hall is the backup venue for the 2022 European Men’s Handball Championship.

As Helló Magyar reported, during the ceremony, Máté Kocsis, the president of the Hungarian Handball Association, said that the Tatabánya arena was the fourth largest handball hall in Hungary. Only three halls are bigger: the MVM Dome in Budapest, also built for the 2022 European Men’s Handball Championship, as well as the PICK Arena in Szeged and the renovated Főnix Arena.

Tatabánya Sports Club Headquarters

The president added that the facility will be the new home of Grundfos Tatabánya KC, one of the oldest Hungarian clubs.

The fact that 40 players with ties to Tatabánya have played in national teams shows the importance of Grundfos Tatabánya KC.

Roland Juhász, Secretary of State for State Asset Management, pointed out that there were 6,200 seats in the nearly 20,000 square meter sports arena. The building has a 50/50 ratio of fixed and mobile stands.

Apart from that, a separate part of the project is a fencing hall with a capacity of 20 fencing pistes.


The state secretary added that the government had provided an additional HUF 1.8 billion (€5.1 million) for equipment for the facility. And, in addition to this, the maintenance of the institution will also be financed by public funds.

The main users of the multi-purpose hall are local and regional sportsmen.

The Tatabánya Sports Club is one of the five priority sports clubs in the region. It will receive 300 million HUF (845,000 EUR) per year for five years to train young athletes in athletics, wrestling, judo, boxing and fencing.

László Marosi, Chairman of Grundfos Tatabánya KC, pointed out that

the hall contains the work of those who have served Tatabánya handball for decades.

Tatabánya will play the club’s inaugural game in early February against Veszprém.


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