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“I was scared; there was only me in the store and my family could not come and rescue me”

The water would be eight inches above street level

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – The downtown Sixty 2 Sixty art gallery experienced flooding at its facility on Sunday, with heavy rainfall rising at least eight inches above street level and pouring into the store.

Shantelle Collie, business partner and mother of the owner, said: “At first it came like a heavy downpour, and when I looked I saw the water just coming, sliding through the glass – and it’s hurricane-proof glass that’s supposed to keep it out. water to enter.

The gallery owner Sixty 2 Sixty is trying to mop up the excess water that has flooded the establishment in the city center.

“I put the groundsheet down and tried to stick plastic around it but it still didn’t work because when all the big trucks and cars went by it pushed all the water inside so hard . I could see it grow.

“I just went to the back and took the boxes off the floor and put some on the chairs and some, and I sat in the chair – I got two chairs and I kept my legs up – and I was just watching he just walked in…

“I said, ‘Oh my God. Hope it doesn’t get worse.

“It came,” I said, “like eight inches.”

According to Shantelle Collie, the store, which has been downtown for a year and a half now, is no stranger to flooding.

She recalls that the store had at least one other flooding incident before this one, noting that this was the worst the store had ever seen.

“The first flood was not too bad. This second was really bad, ”she lamented.

“This one was really terrible.”

Collie said at first she feared the degree of flooding, noting that she was also alone in the store when this happened.

“I was scared. There was only me in the store and my family couldn’t come and rescue me,” she said.

“I told my daughter [on the phone]: ‘The store was very flooded. I didn’t even know it would come to this.

None of the items in the store suffered water damage, according to owner June Collie.

She said: “We had no water damage because most of them are just tiles here.”

Commenting on the extent of the flooding, she said “the water has just come in and is causing havoc.”

Shantelle Collie said: “When there is heavy rain, I just turn around [and go home].

“When these cars pass they get you wet, so I jump in my car and drive home.

“That’s how terrible it is.”

Since Sunday, the flooding has subsided considerably, although there are still puddles in front of the art gallery.

Neither the owner nor her mother have had any communication with their owner or Department of Public Works staff regarding the downtown flood mitigation efforts until press time yesterday.

Written by Gabrielle Sterling, Intern for Eyewitness News



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