Familiar Others exhibition at the National Gallery Singapore


The National Gallery Singapore presents Familiar Others: Emiria Sunassa, Eduardo Masferré and Yeh Chi Wei, 1940s-1970s, exploring the idea of ​​how “the Other” is represented in Southeast Asian art and examining her own practices of cultural representation through the paintings and photographs of three Southeast Asian personalities.

Among the artists highlighted are Indonesian painter Emiria Sunassa, who has created images of people from across the Indonesian archipelago; Filipino photographer Eduardo Masferré, who aspired to present the culture of the communities in the Cordillera region where he lived in a dignified and respectful manner; and the Singaporean Yeh Chi Wei, one of the key painters of mid-20th century Singapore.

Explore the idea of ​​how “the Other” is represented in art at the Familiar Others exhibition

Eight text responses commissioned from artists, scholars, poets and musicians with ties to the communities depicted in the artworks, replace conventional museum descriptive wall labels, diversify the voices behind the exhibition narrative, provoking new ways of thinking and expanding the conversation about images.

The exhibition is accompanied by a free e-catalog accessible via a QR code inside Dalam Southeast Asia or on the National Gallery Singapore website.

The exhibition will be held from August 4, 2022 to February 19, 2023 at the National Gallery Singapore’s Dalam Southeast Asia located in the UOB Southeast Asia Gallery in the former Supreme Court Wing. Admission is free for Singapore citizens and permanent residents.

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