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    The sets included tributes to women ranging from Betsy Ross to Rosie the Riveter to Helen Hondius of Estes Park.

Many of us will be setting up our dining tables a little fancier than usual next week for a Thanksgiving meal. Participants in the Estes Park Museum Friends & Foundation Creative Colorado Tablesettings / Scapings competition can generate interesting ideas.

The theme for this year was “The Incredible Women of Yesterday and Today”.

On Saturday and Sunday, November 13 and 14, sixteen tables set up in a room at the Estes Park Resort served as stages for the cutlery and elaborate decorations.

“The training is very formal, very rigid. There are rules like the distance between the plate and the fork and that sort of thing, said Bobbie Heisterkamp, ​​vice president of Estes Park Museum Friends & Foundation. “The arrangement of the table is any way. It is also called freestyle. Those that are staged are more like plays. We have judges. They arrived Friday night and that’s where the ribbons came from.

Visitors to the exhibit paid $ 10 to enter. The funds raised during the event will be donated to the Parc Estes Museum.

“We have a great museum,” said volunteer Barb Cole. “Before, I was a volunteer at the Visitor Center. We would always tell people if you have a rainy day and can’t hike go to the museum.

The sets included tributes to women ranging from Betsy Ross to Rosie the Riveter to Helen Hondius of Estes Park.

Bird and Jim have set up a table in honor of their namesake Isabella Bird. Seasoned also had a table.

“We thought why not invite restaurants to participate and promote themselves,” Heisterkamp said.

Table designers fell into one of three categories: informal, formal and freestyle.

“The menu needs to be printed and on the table,” Cole said. “The judges verify that the dishes, silverware and glassware are perfect for the menu.”

This is the only tablesetting / scaping event at Estes Park. For several years, this type of event – especially for fundraising – has become popular on both the East Coast and the West Coast.

“This event gives attendees a creative outlet,” Cole noted. “Some of our ladies start right after this one. They’ll just hunt places like flea markets and thrift stores in search of the piece that just might become the centerpiece of their next exhibit.

This is the fifth year of the Tablesetting / Scaping event which took place at Stanley. Now it takes place at Estes Park Resort.

“Every time I come to this – and I’ve contributed to it every year – it makes me want to come home, throw it all away and start over because it’s so pretty and so sweet,” Cole added. .

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