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Before the era of social distancing, the Lansing Art Gallery was known for its classes, where families could learn from local designers how to create different styles of art.

But last year, the gallery took another path to adapt to the new sanitary guidelines: take-out art kits. As people stuck at home turned more and more to crafts, the gallery began handing out art kits, including one that teaches children how to make socks. The kits cost $ 12 and contain all the supplies needed to create a sock puppet as well as a video tutorial.

The Sock Creature Kits are available for purchase starting Thursday, September 16.

This weekend, September 16-18, the Sock Creature Kits will be sold in a pop-up tent outside the gallery located in Washington and Ottawa. There are also kits available with lessons on the art of crating in the style of AJ Prajzner, whose work is on display at the gallery until October 23.

The exhibition gallery of the Lansing Art Gallery is currently exhibiting "Fragmented place" by AJ Prajzner

The gallery still does not organize classes in its indoor classroom, but takes advantage of the last days of good weather and organizes classes outside.

“People really miss that connection,” said Michelle Carlson, director of education for the gallery. “It’s fun to work in a group.”

This Saturday, September 18, artist Michelle Detering is leading a $ 45 Pet Portrait Class at the Frances Park Pavilion.

The stationary center with a watercolor bird is by Michelle Detering, who is giving an art class at the Frances Park Pavilion on Saturday, September 18.

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