Grand Dwelling Turned At-Home Gallery serves as the perfect cocooning spot for this Houston artistic force



HHow has it really been eight or nine weeks since our worlds closed? Even with the reopening of restaurants, lounges and stores, albeit with occupancy limitations and new security requirements, many of us are biding our time to get back to life at full speed. So even though the graying roots are finally colored, our fingernails are no longer a shame, and we have ventured out to dine in a restaurant dining room, we still live a quiet life we ​​never imagined.

Arts master Leigh Smith, who is also an avid collector, and her husband Reggie have remained remarkably home during much of the coronavirus pandemic – and with their nearly grown children, they are returning home to roost. During the heat of isolation, Leigh began posting photos of the family’s amazing artwork on Instagram, giving her followers an intriguing stroll through her home, which is as much a gallery as it is a grand abode.

PaperCity: What’s your playlist for staying at home?
Leigh Smith: REM, Drive-By Truckers, Psychedelic Furs, Roxy Music, mostly 80s. I’ll be exploring the ROCO listening room this weekend to listen to some classical music to create a more zen vibe.

What is binge-watching?
King tiger, Ozark, Country, Small fires everywhere, and catch up on the movies Bunny Jojo, A beautiful day in the neighborhood, and more.

If your life was a reality TV series, what would it be called?
The Smith Robinson family. How to improvise a life when all the adult and almost adult children come back to the nest and you are stuck together!

Are you doing something productive during this time?
Closet modifications, of course. I have mainly worked on issues related to the Houston Arts Alliance, as the current chairman of the board. I play the piano after a long hiatus.

What are your essential recipes for the stay at home?
Our 23 year old daughter taught me more interesting gluten free recipes, and we do more with fresh vegetables. It’s fun to have your contribution to shake up my old routines. She made awesome chicken and lettuce wraps and other wonderful dishes. I recently delighted the family with a large pot of Southern Fried Okra using a wonderful carton of branded okra at the Whole Foods Market.

What is your preference for take out?
An extraordinary price. His boneless prime rib was amazing. Plus, the Asian ribs and their chicken salad are some of the best things we have eaten. We loved the takeaways from Tiny’s No. 5 (the summer salad!), Hugo’s, Jennie’s Noodle, and Chris Shepherd’s UB Preserv. We’re planning Kiran’s take-out for the weekend.

What’s the take-out of your dreams?
The Halibut Bangkok dish from the Caribou Club in Aspen.

If you could get stuck anywhere else in the world, where would it be?
Aspen. [The Smiths have a home there and are very involved in the arts there as well.]

What is your choice of cocktail for the housebound?
Martinis, gin and tonics, and drawing from our magnificent wine cellar. Nothing is forbidden. We had amazing bottles of wine with basic take out.



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