Green Bay woman sets up Little Free Art Gallery in her backyard



GREEN BAY, Wisconsin (WBAY) – Many of us have heard of Little Free Libraries. Community library boxes allow people to pick up a book or leave a book. Libraries are a catalyst for building community, expanding access to books and inspiring readers.

A woman from Green Bay took inspiration from the Little Free Libraries she visited with her grandchildren to create a different little free box on her own.

Amy Zander is an artist and teacher. She works with paint, clay, glass and other materials in a workshop in her garden. But, she wanted to share her love of art with more people, so for her birthday this summer, her husband built a curb box for her.

It’s a small, free art gallery, and it’s outside her house on Klee Street in Green Bay. “It’s just packed. People passing by on the street can take something they like, leave something behind, ”explains Amy Zander.

Like the Little Free Library concept, Zander’s Little Free Art Gallery is intended for the public. She encourages people to come and explore the art inside, from the rocks painted by her granddaughter to the jewelry she made.

According to Zander, “It goes 365, 24/7, people passing by, cars may stop may open, check it out, if you like something, please feel free to drop by. ‘to take with.”

She also encourages people to quit their jobs too, adding, “To spread some happiness, to create smiles, especially with the ongoing pandemic. It’s just about warming up someone’s day.

And for budding artists, there are supplies inside, too. Zander says, “If you don’t have art supplies at home, you can also take something to try out the art.”

The Little Free Art Gallery has only been open for a few months, and Zander says it’s popular in the neighborhood, adding, “It’s a lot of fun. I enjoyed every minute of my gift from my husband. And we will continue to do so. So, this is fun.

She hopes more people will visit her curbside gallery to spread the joy and happiness that comes with art.

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