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Two doctors unite to save lives by detecting and preventing cardiovascular disease (CVD) in Chatham-Kent.

Members of the public were invited to visit the new CK Cardiac Imaging Center in Chatham on Wednesday.

The idea for the center started in 2016 when Dr Quoc Tran and Dr Howard Van noticed the need for a cardiac diagnostic center in the area.

Dr Van was working as a cardiologist at Windsor Regional Hospital at the time, when Dr Tran approached him with the idea of ​​opening a center in Chatham.

“One of the things we want to be able to do together is to provide accessibility to patients [and] ensure early detection, ”says Van.

Doctors were able to bring in equipment that would help CVD patients, without the hospital wait times or the hassle of traveling to a center in London or Windsor.

“If you ever have symptoms of CVD, it is not safe to wait weeks,” says Van. “With this center, we would be able to do the tests much faster.”

Chatham-Kent is seeing an increase in the number of CVD patients, doctors say. While an aging population is a factor in these results, Dr Tran says CVD is seen more in people who smoke or are not physically active.

“Chatham-Kent continues to have the highest rate of smokers and the lowest rate of physical activity [in the province], says Tran.

The diagnostic center equipment can perform several different types of tests, all of which do not emit any radiation.

At this point, around seven staff members work at the center, all of whom are local – something Van and Tran say was very important to them.

The CK Cardiac Imaging Center is located at the intersection of Sandys Street and McNaughton Avenue in Chatham.



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