How Mortgage Brokers Can Make Big With Loans Canada


Loans Canada has a long history in the mortgage industry, one that began earlier than in 2012 when company founder Scott Satov started an online mortgage brokerage called Mortgage Canada. The history of Mortgage Canada began in 2010 with the goal of making it easier for Canadians to find financing for their homes online. The business pivoted in 2012 and was relaunched under a new brand, Loans Canada, and marketed first as an online loan comparison platform in Canada.

Why is this important? Well, with its roots in Mortgage Canada, Canada Loans has experience working with mortgage specialists and understands many of the issues mortgage brokers face. Canada Loans understands that it is difficult to find trustworthy primary suppliers and that long-term relationships are essential. Canada Loans offers comprehensive coverage across Canada (including Quebec, with its Prêts Québec brand) and specializes in mortgage refinancing applications.

Loans Canada offers two types of programs to help brokers:

1. Real-time lead generation

Users visit Loans Canada to apply for loans, mortgages, second mortgages, and other refinancing products. Brokers are able to filter their leads by location or financial metric to ensure that the leads they receive best match their business needs. Quality leads are delivered in real time, and they can be delivered via email, CSV, or API. Typically, custom integrations only take 24-48 hours to get started.


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