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Check out how to use Windows Live Photo Gallery

So you had a wonderful summer vacation with your family and now you want to share these photos with your friends and family. If you are using Windows Vista, you can manage and share these memories with others using Vista Photo Gallery and Windows Live Spaces. Photo Gallery allows you to correct and edit your photos by adjusting various items. Another feature is the ability to rate your photos and edit tags, which you can use to organize your images.

Let’s take a look at this photo manager app included with Vista first, which provides an easy to use graphical interface for managing your photos. It’s easy to use the toolbar at the top to access various tools like emailing photos, burning home photos and videos to disc, and making home movies fast. Windows Movie Maker will open if you want to create a homemade video clip.

How to use Windows Live Photo Gallery

Editing photos

Rotating, resizing, and cropping photos are just three of the most popular editing features in Windows Live Photo Gallery. Clearly labeled buttons make these adjustments easy. To further refine your images, you can also reduce “noise” (small specks that look a bit like film grain that appear in photos taken in low light conditions), adjust the color “temperature” so that images appear warmer or cooler tones, or even remove color completely and convert your photos to black and white.

Is your image blurry? Windows Live Photo Gallery will allow you to increase its sharpness, as well as lighten shaded areas or darken highlighted areas. All of these editing options are very easy to use and often only require a click of their respective buttons. For more detailed explanations of them, see our guides How to Edit Pictures in Windows Live Photo Gallery and Windows Live Photo Gallery: Key Photo Effects.

Tagging photos

A “tag” is a tag that is attached to your photo to make it easier for your family and friends to find and organize it. There are several different types. A “descriptive tag” consists of words like “sunset” or “summer.” The corresponding button can be found in the lists at the top of the screen.

A “people tag” will identify a person. For example, you can apply the tag “Emma” to a photo taken on your granddaughter’s first birthday. These tags make it easy to identify all of Emma’s pictures, and you can then ask Windows Live Photo Gallery to group them all on one screen based on that tag.

Another useful feature is the “Batch People Tag”. You will find the corresponding button next to the “Descriptive label” button (see image above). When you click Batch People Tag, Windows Live Photo Gallery will analyze all the faces in your photos and group them based on what it thinks are similar. As you can see in the image below, it is very accurate!

If you’re happy with the group, click Mark As on the new screen that appears and write the person’s name on the photos. Windows Live Photo Gallery lets you tag your digital photos individually, or you can label a group of pre-selected photos. A new addition now allows you to add “Geotags”, which specify the location where an image was taken.

To share photos

One of the best features of Windows Live Photo Gallery is its ability to directly upload your images to photo sharing websites like Flickr and Facebook. In this sense, Windows Live Photo Gallery is truly a one-stop-shop for all of your photography needs. Once you’ve uploaded your photos from your camera and finished editing, you can publish them online with one click for all of your friends and family to enjoy.

To view photos

Even if you don’t want to edit or share your photos with someone else, Windows Live Photo Gallery is an easy way to view and enjoy your photos on your computer. The software has a slideshow feature which can be fun to show at parties. To learn more about creating your own slideshow, read our guide How to create a slideshow in Windows Live Photo Gallery.

Final words: How to use Windows Live Photo Gallery

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