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Sándor-Metternich Castle is located in the heart of the town of Bajna, about 50 kilometers northwest of Budapest. After long decades of decadence, it has regained its former glory.

As can be read on the official website of Nemzeti Örökségvédelmi Fejlesztési Nonprofit Kft. (NOF),

“The Sándor-Metternich Mansion in Bajna currently has the appearance of a classical structure, but a study has revealed that it has undergone multiple reconstructions.”

As Funzine reported, according to the first records, on the site of the Sándor-Metternich castle in Bajna, there was already a noble mansion at the end of the 15th century, which was acquired by the Sándor family at the end of the 17th century century. . Menyhért Sándor, Second Lieutenant of Esztergom County, had a hunting lodge built on the estate, which was soon inherited by his son, Móric Sándor.

Móric decided to expand and rebuild the building, for which he commissioned one of the most famous architects of the time: the classicist castle was designed by József Hild.

According to the NÖF website, architect József Hild drew up the plans for the hunting lodge around 1720. However, history has marred the beautiful white building, and by 2016 the castle, Bajna’s main attraction, had become a ruined haunted house.

This ended in 2018, when restoration of the listed building to its original state began.

Three years later, at the end of last year, Sándor-Metternich Castle reopened to the public, with two floors of exciting exhibits exploring the building’s peculiar past.

“Thanks to the developments, the main building, the forecourt and the gardens of the private mansion have become a high-quality event venue. The outdoor sites can be covered with a tent on request, thus becoming suitable for larger events, shows, […]chamber music concerts, family events, wedding ceremonies or even exclusive events of international significance,” the official NÖF website states.

Moreover, they also add that the exterior and interior of the mansion can be the ideal location for filming and thematic photography.

If this article has sparked your interest in visiting such a wonderful historical place in the countryside, check this page for the castle’s opening hours.


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