Ireland’s first open-air art gallery has opened in Kildare Village


Kildare Village is home to 14 new murals this summer in its first outdoor art gallery. Following the success of the gallery they hosted in 2021, also from the Minaw Collective, this new gallery showcases the work of 14 emerging and established female artists.

The Minaw collective takes its name from the Irish word for women: Mná. Although these women come from all over the world, they are all currently based in Ireland. These artists arecelebrate equality, diversity and tolerance through street art“and see their work”as an expression of the empowerment of female artists“. You can read more about the Minaw Collective HERE.

Kildare Village Commercial Director Victor Biffi Rosano says of the new art gallery:

We love to inspire and delight our customers with new experiences. So this year we wanted to evolve and creatively bring the art to life in the mall and become bigger, bolder and brighter for an art experience with a festival vibe for the summer months..”

Image via Elevation

Kildare Village opens daily until 8pm; plenty of time each day to visit the outdoor art gallery. And if you do a little shopping while you’re there, that would be totally understandable.

Header image via Instagram/minawcollective

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