Kalakriti Art Gallery will host a solo exhibition of contemporary ceramics by artist Vinod Daroz, titled A


The artist Vinod Daroz. (File photo)

Kalakriti Art Gallery is to host a solo exhibition of contemporary ceramics by artist Vinod Daroz, entitled Aikyam: Unity. The whole work reflects an undiluted celebration of the ceramic medium, as well as the artist’s extensive experimentation with the technique and presentation of gilding.

Vinod is a Telugu living in Baroda. “I visit Hyderabad after years and feel like home,” he says. “The art of ceramics took me all over the world, thanks to this profession of my family – we are goldsmiths. But, I don’t like gold at all, I don’t wear a single jewel, neither does my wife. But my work is always shimmering with gold,” adds the artist, who sifts his earth, prepares his own colors and relies only on outsourcing liquid gold, copper and silver. for its ceramics.

“I am deeply inspired by South Indian temple designs. All of my major works have insights inspired by the Kanchipuram Temple. It depicts the motifs of the gopuram, the entrance to the temple, but they symbolically project the phallus and the yoni (male and female sexual organs),” the artist told CE.

“We are not allowed to take pictures in the temple, so I keep the drawings in my photographic memory and let them out when I work with earth (clay),” Vinod shares. “My work has been exhibited all over the world. But in 2018, during an exhibition in China, a collector bought my entire collection. This is his second exhibition in Hyderabad, the first was ten years ago,” he says.

Vinod was trained by Jyostna Bhatt, a famous ceramic country artist. It has found its own way in the market with its glitter touch.

What: Ceramic Art Exhibition
When: Thursday, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Or: Kalakriti Art Gallery, Banjara Hills


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