Mack Command Steer tackles tough quarry jobs


Deep in Easton Quarry, about 30 minutes outside of Allentown, Penn., Home of the Mack Experience Center, H&K Group and Mack Trucks welcomed industry journalists to a real Mack Trucks experience as we were driving a Mack Granite and Mack Anthem with Command Steer, an active steering system that adds an electric motor to the existing hydraulic steering to help reduce driver effort by up to 85% and improve productivity and driver comfort, according to Mack.

While we’re compiling all the interesting video footage from the professional release, check out this painstaking photo gallery. And catch the Mack Trucks trucking marketing preview that also performed at the press event.

Mack Command Steer helps remove road disturbances such as potholes (or giant jobsite holes in this case) or other surface irregularities, smoothing out steering feedback and reducing the possibility of “knocks”. foot” of the steering wheel, explained the OEM.


We recommend keeping both hands on the wheel, but the Mack Trucks Command Steer demo showed just how easy it was to navigate a grueling job site. I barely had to lift a finger.

Trusted Steer Command on screen.

Mack Command Steer provides variable steering assistance depending on the driving situation. Multiple sensors distributed throughout the truck monitor road conditions, driver input and even environmental elements, and relay these observations more than 2,000 times per second. The system’s electric motor then applies additional torque as needed to the steering, making it easier to keep the truck on the desired path.

It was real career work. H&K’s Easton Quarry and Easton Asphalt (formerly ABE Materials – Easton) have been producing a full range of construction aggregates and asphalt materials since 1984. The company noted that the underlying blue/grey limestone and dolomite of Easton Quarry produce an exceptional aggregate product that maintains various certifications by the Pennsylvania and New Jersey Departments of Transportation (PennDOT and NJDOT).

Pop quiz, hot shot: what does the golden bulldog mean?

The Mack Trucks Command Steer demo definitely caused a stir. (Hey-O!) Click here for a full overview of Mack Granite specs. And stay tuned for our how-to video.


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