Man proposes to Scottish National Gallery after changing famous painting into ‘their love story’



A man from Leith shared the sweet moment he offered in an art gallery by replacing the blurb on a famous painting with a heartfelt message much to his girlfriend’s delight.

Jos Cava, 39, organized this special day by contacting gallery staff to ask for their help with the magical proposal.

He told his girlfriend Sophia Harrison, 40, to dress up before the trip to the Scottish National Gallery in Edinburgh.

Jos took her to the painting “An Old Woman Cooking Eggs” (1618) by Diego Velázquez, where she spotted the improvised plaque.

The improvised plaque on the painting “An old woman cooking eggs” (1618) by Diego Velázquez

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When Sophia leaned closer to read it, she realized that it was telling the story of their own romance.

Sophia said: “When I got to the Velazquez painting in the gallery, I noticed that the label was a bit different from the others and my eye was drawn to it.

“I started to read and it took a few seconds for me to realize exactly what I was reading.

“What made it even more special was that the gallery staff knew about it but didn’t give anything.

“I turned to look at Jose and he fell to his knees and pulled out an emerald engagement ring.

“I was delighted.”

The couple, who met on Tinder three years ago, share the same love of visiting galleries.

Jos’ revised plaque for the painting, which featured wedding bells and a heart, read, “The Old Woman Frying Eggs has been Jos Cava’s favorite painting since he was little.

“It reminded him of those summer nights, sitting outside surrounded by his family.

“And although he had been away from home for almost 15 years, he used to come to the Scottish National Gallery, look at the painting and remember those moments.

“He finally found a partner in Sophia Victoria Harrison.

“She was a successful young professional, always elegant and beautifully dressed, with a rich, sweet and funny personality.

“And together they lead the most incredible adventures in the heart of this beautiful country that is Scotland: where they would like to start a family.

“And on June 19, 2021, he finally proposed marriage to her, right there.

“And she said …”

When Sophia accepted the proposal, the spectators began to applaud.

The moment José Cava proposed to his girlfriend Sophia Harrison
The moment José Cava proposed to his girlfriend Sophia Harrison

Jos, who works as a technician in an architectural firm, said: “We met three years ago on Tinder and we had gotten to the point where things were getting serious and we were talking about the future.

“The next step was to get married and I wanted to make it something special.

“Sophia and I love to go to the gallery and this particular painting reminds me of the house and the people I love and care about.”

He contacted gallery staff and asked for their help in making the proposal special by replacing the plaque. Everything had been sorted out and Amy Patterson, the duty manager, who put the note up, sent pictures of Jos the day before.

Jos added: “I was delighted with her help and I want to thank her very much.”

The couple, who both live in Leith, Edinburgh, are now planning to tie the knot next September.

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