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Secretary of the Naracoorte Regional Art Gallery Lesley Cook with lino art print ‘Birds of Paradise’ by Rod Bax 1981

The Naracoorte Regional Art Gallery recently received a federal grant through the Community Heritage Grant of the National Library of Australia.

This grant enabled them to have a major report drawn up to evaluate the art collection belonging to the gallery.

The curator of the collections at the Flinders University Museum of Art, Alice Clanachan, undertook the colossal task of examining the collection.

She worked in the gallery for four days in September, then brought the work back to Adelaide for completion. All in all, the significance report took about a month of solid work.

During her research, Ms. Clanachan discovered the gallery and her collection of Australian artwork is totally unique.

The gallery is the oldest in regional South Australia and holds nearly 200 works of art, many of which are original from the gallery’s creation in 1968.

“The collection has been shaped by successive donations and, above all, by the passion and ambition of the members of the board of directors who acquired the works by purchasing them for the Gallery,” she said.

“It was put together primarily with support from community fundraising and government funding streams that no longer exist.

“As a result, the Naracoorte Gallery no longer has an acquisition budget.

Secretary of the Naracoorte Regional Art Gallery, Lesley Cook is grateful to have received the grant and looks forward to what it will mean for the future of the gallery.

Because the gallery has unique and meaningful works of art, it opens the door for further grants to be requested and awarded.

Ms Cook hopes future grants can be used to restore some rooms, better lighting and climate control in the gallery to allow for the exhibition of more delicate works.

This will allow us to “take care of the collection and preserve it for future generations,” she said.

Ms Cook explained that it was a group effort between the Naracoorte Lucindale board and the gallery to apply for the Community Hieratite grant; which regional galleries generally do not apply to.

The gallery hosts its own collection all year round and sometimes offers traveling collections.

Next year, the events of the South Australian Living Arts Festival and the Adelaide Fringe Festival will be held in the gallery space.

The gallery is run “for the community, by the community” and is always looking for new volunteers to help.



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