News summary: The National Gallery prepares for its big move


Children and pensioners will receive tablets used in last year’s census, the highest ski run is open to skiers and there are fewer counterfeits.

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Good afternoon. The weekend is approaching and we have prepared a short summary of the main news of the day in our Friday, January 28, 2022 edition of Today in Slovakia. We wish you a pleasant reading.

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The Slovak National Gallery prepares its big move

The Slovak National Gallery (SNG) is preparing to move into its newly reconstructed premises on the banks of the Danube in Bratislava. Construction work is expected to be completed during the summer; the plan is to open the new premises, but without exhibits, later in the year

“This year will be very atypical at SNG,” said Alexandra Kusá, general manager of the gallery, which is the largest in the country, quoted by the news wire TASR. She added that the SNG would move all of its collections and archives to the new premises. “It will probably be the biggest operation we have ever had.”

The reconstruction of the modern extension and the construction of a new depot and other premises for SNG, at a cost of nearly 70 million euros, began in 2016.

Coronavirus and vaccination news

  • 14,312 people were newly diagnosed positive for Covid out of 31,662 PCR tests performed on January 27. The number of people hospitalized was 1,549 and 24 additional deaths were reported. The vaccination rate is 50.81%; 2,794,427 people received a first dose of vaccine. More statistics on Covid-19 in Slovakia are available here.
  • The greatest number of positive the results of the PCR tests for the coronavirus of Thursday January 27 were in the 35-44 age groupinformed the National Center for Health Information (NCZI).

  • Slovakia wants schools remain open even if the pandemic situation in the country is getting worse, according to a survey presented by Education Minister Branislav Gröhling (SaS). The survey showed that 82.3% of respondents want schools to remain open even if the situation worsens, while 13% said they should be closed and 4.7% did not. been able to comment on the matter.
  • A total of 10,586 cases of suspected adverse effects vaccines against Covid-19 had been reported in Slovakia until Wednesday January 26, wrote the National Institute for the Supervision of Medicines (ŠÚKL) on its website. Of these, 1,493 were serious, including seven deaths.

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birthday of the day

Marián Varga, who was behind several Slovak firsts – including the first art-rock band in then-communist Czechoslovakia and the first original Slovak modern musical – was born on this day in 1947. He died in 2017 .

Report for today

“When I received an invitation to speak on a radio show about people who have lived abroad and then returned to Slovakia, I wasn’t immediately sure what I wanted to say.

“During my years working for The Slovak Spectator, I have heard countless stories of foreigners who live in Slovakia, as well as Slovaks who have returned to Slovakia from abroad. Does it even make sense to search only one model in these stories?

The editor of the Slovak Spectator reflects on the return – and the departure.

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In other news

  • the economic sentiment in Slovakia increased again in January this year after a fairly significant drop at the end of last year. “We expect the mood of our economy to deteriorate again in the coming months, due to the ongoing hardware crisis, but also the third wave of the pandemic,” the 365 analyst said. .bank Jana Glasova.
  • 63% of Slovak households have savings that they can use to cover unforeseen expenses Where cope with a deterioration of their economic situation. A year ago, that was 69% of households, but, on the other hand, more households now report saving more than in the past, according to a Stem/Mark survey.
  • The state will hand over some 6,000 tablets used in the 2021 census to local governments, for be used in kindergartens, schools or nursing homes.
  • International rail transport on the road between Bratislava-Petrzalka and Hegyeshalom in Hungary via the Hungarian village of Rajka will summarize from February 1.
  • Slovakia highest ski slopestarting from an altitude of 2,190 m at the Lomnické Sedlo pass in the High Tatras will open Saturday January 29. The 1,240 m long treated track ends at Skalnaté Pleso.
  • A total of 1,162 counterfeit euro banknotes were grasped in Slovakia last year. This is the lowest number since Slovakia joined the euro zone in 2009. Counterfeit 50 and 20 euro notes accounted for the largest share. Last year, 1,592 counterfeit euro coins were seized, the highest number in five years, the National Bank of Slovakia reported.

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