Northview defeats Marianna 21-14 (with photo gallery):



The Northview Chiefs beat the Marianna Bulldogs 21-14 Friday night in Bratt.

Northview had just suffered a tough 45-13 road loss last week at Catholic, and football head coach Wes Summerford told the Chiefs they were going to turn the tide against the Bulldogs.

“I told them before the game, I said we were just coming back to the winning track. It’s a good time, not a better time than the present, to start winning football again, ”he said. And it wasn’t just about victory, it was about RPI.

With the playoff determinations just weeks away, the 1A Chiefs needed the win over 4A Marianna to earn the points needed for a playoff berth. In Class 1A, playoff spots are not determined by district wins; it is the rating percentage index (RPI). RPI rankings are based on a mathematical formula based on a team’s current record, current winning percentage (WP), opponent winning percentage (OWP) and opponent winning percentage (OOWP). Basically beat better teams and rank higher.

“I think our back was a bit against the wall until the RPI. You know we started to slide a little bit and I think our kids just fought, they knew it, ”Summerford said Friday night.

For a gallery of action photos, click or tap here. (Look for a photo gallery by Monday with cheerleaders, band, and fans!)

The Chiefs opened the scoring with a Luke Bridges touchdown from the fourth and around 25. With a good kick from sophomore Brandon Ferguson, the Chiefs were in the lead 7-0.

The ensuing kickoff was picked up by Northview’s Aron Chavira at about the 40-yard line.

Jamarkus Jefferson was close to scoring a touchdown but was called up due to a Northview block in the backfield flag. Jefferson made another trip to the end zone with 4:50 left in the half. With another good kick from Ferguson, the Chiefs were in the lead at Tommy Weaver Memorial Stadium.

Jefferson added another touchdown with 47 seconds at the half. Ferguson managed the kick through the uprights for a 21-0 lead over Northview. But the Bulldogs were determined not to lead the locker room scoreless and added a touchdown at 36.9 seconds to make it 21-6 at halftime.

The Bulldogs added the only touchdown of the second half in the third for the 21-14 final.

Next week is a 150 mile road trip for the Chiefs as they travel to Panama City to tackle the Bay High tornadoes.

The road has not been lenient for the Chiefs this year. Northview, 3-4 overall, is 3-0 at home and 0-4 on the road. Bay are 2-6 this season, with their only two home wins.

“I know the road (is difficult),” Summerford said. “This is one thing we need to know where we are at. From a seeds perspective, we’re probably going to be on our way to the playoffs, so no better time than now to get ready.

For a gallery of action photos, click or tap here. (Look for a photo gallery by Monday with cheerleaders, band, and fans!)

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