NPPD Directors and Taxpayers Question Electricity Cooperative Donation to Political Committee | Local government


The caveat is, however, that the money must be donated by a government agency to an association or private company “for a lawful purpose,” according to Frank Daley, executive director of the Liability and Disclosure Committee, who will deal with complaints filed. against members of the district council of public power.

Groups have common goals

Bloomquist said the money transferred to Nebraska Electric Generation and Transmission is for a legitimate purpose: to provide reliable electricity at an affordable rate to customers in 19 rural public electric districts and a separate electric co-op.

Nebraskas for Reliable and Affordable Electricity, which shares an address with Nebraska Electric Generation and Transmission and has been given time at the co-op’s quarterly board meetings to share updates on the candidates it supports , also shares this goal, Bloomquist said.

“We are concerned about outside influences which may not have the best interests of Nebraskans at heart,” he said, adding that the committee wanted to preserve the status quo of the combined use of coal, natural gas, nuclear, hydropower, wind and solar. to supply the homes of the Nebraskans.

Organizations such as the League of Conservation Voters are supporting candidates who would put Cornhusker state on a similar path to California, Bloomquist said, pointing to recent blackouts, including during massive wildfires, as evidence of the unreliable wind and solar power generation.


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