Odunlade Art Gallery opens new exhibition in Ibadan


Tunde Odunlade Arts and Culture Connections, Ibadan on Thursday opened a new exhibition titled “Ajowofin Abudaaye” (Encounter with Nature).

News Agency of Nigeria reports that the artwork was presented by Abiodun Fagbohun.


No less than 140 works of art, including: Erin karele kowajoba (where an elephant was lured home with a bean cake to become king); lake fishing, seven calabash carriers, bikers, among others, were on display.


The exhibition, which was opened to the public free of charge, will end on August 13. The gallery houses more than 150 works.

Fagbohun said that the painting, which represented the beauty of nature, should bring people closer to the works of God to admire them.

Also, he said it was to make people aware that works of art are good commodities for investments.

“I have traveled the world, so I have used various cultures and how God has naturally blessed the world in terms of animals, plants and humans to inspire me.

“It’s about bringing people together to enjoy nature and the environment,” he said.

The curator of Tunde Odunlade Arts and Culture Connections, Prince Tunde Odunlade, said the essence of the exhibition is to share, connect and interact in the universal mood of creativity and imagination.

Odunlade said that art and culture are the foundation for meaningful development in any given society or community.

“Communication is vital and crucial if we are to live as a united community.

“Art brings together, it inspires, informs, heals and art provokes good thoughts, art affects and therefore liberates.

“A society without art, has no heart, through the exposure of such creative ingenuity, a nation thrives and the people benefit immensely from a bigger and better future,” he said. he declares.

He said young people were seen as the intended beneficiaries in projects like this because they formed 100% of the future.

He added that beyond the ephemeral, art was a formidable launderer of images that had been used to command respect from the international community.

According to him, art serves as a tool for economic emancipation, a guide to mental health and a roadmap for developing a thriving tourism state.

“It takes a high degree of civilization to embrace, appreciate and thrive in the opportunities underlying the culture and artistic riches rooted in the people.

“Art is a lie that makes us see the truth” said Pablo Picasso.

“Art is a product of human intention. A concrete proof of human expression towards a developed society.

“So the position of the gallery is to create awareness, raise awareness and direct people’s interest towards a more focused and achievable agenda, using art as a tool,” he said. VS

NewsSourceCredit: NAN

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