Overview of Natick’s art: return of the Free Little Art Gallery; exhibitions at Morse Institute & Town Hall


The Little Free Art Gallery (FLAG) which was installed last summer on the lawn of the Morse Institute Library at the Natick Center will reopen on January 22 after undergoing a minor facelift. Apparently the hinges needed to be tightened, the lighting fixed, some minor roof repairs done and the paint touched up. Paul McEachern, a skilled volunteer, who played an important role in the concept and creation of the FLAG, handled the repair work.

Since the rigors of an outdoor setting proved too much for the sensitive and artistic structure, which was designed as a space where small original works of art could be donated and/or taken home by members from the community, the gallery will be moved to a new created “Art Nook” inside the library

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More artwork from the Morse Institute

Stop at the Marshall Lebowitz Meeting Hall, where a photography exhibit currently hangs. Here are some examples :

Art, Natick, Morse Institute
Art, Natick, Morse Institute

The art of the town hall

If you stop at City Hall to pay your property taxes (due February 1); Obtain Fido’s license renewal by March 1; or register to vote in Natick’s annual elections on March 29 (the last day to register is Wednesday, March 9, 2022), don’t forget to admire the artwork hanging in the lobby, much of it by residents of Natick.

Art, Natick, Town Hall

Art, Natick, Town Hall

Oh, and if you don’t want to run those tax/dog license/voter registration chores in person, Natick has an online system to help you take care of those chores from the comfort of your home. Links here.


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