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Central New York City lost a “class act” this week. Former US Representative Sherwood Boehlert has died at the age of 84.

Boehlert served 12 terms in Congress before retiring in 2006. A moderate Republican, he became an influential member of Congress, playing a central role in debates on the environment, science and national security policy. The Congressional Quarterly named him one of Capitol Hill’s 50 Most Effective Lawmakers.

During his tenure in Washington, Boehlert served on several influential committees, including the House Science Committee, Transportation and Infrastructure, and the House Select Committee on Intelligence, among others.

“He was living by a now relic notion that put people above the party,” former congressman Anthony Brindisi said. “He was a bipartisan leader and he accomplished a lot because of that mantra. Years later, when I was elected to Congress, I worked to be a similar representative for our region, in large part because of his example, ”Brindisi said.

Boehlert served in the United States Army and graduated from Utica College. After a brief stint in public relations he went to work for then-Congressman Alexander Pirnie from Utica and eventually became his chief of staff, a role he also held for Pirnie’s successor Donald J Mitchell. In 1979, Boehlert was elected executive of Oneida County, until he successfully ran for Congress in 1982 to succeed Mitchell.

Oneida County Director Anthony Picente said he was deeply saddened by the death of his longtime friend. “Sherry was the epitome of what an elected official should be: dedicated, hardworking, efficient and always ready to reach out across the aisle. During his long and distinguished career in Congress, he has fought hard for the people of Oneida County, always giving us a strong voice with a focus on issues of science, technology and the environment. . I was privileged to have worked on her first campaign for Oneida County Executive in 1979 and owe a large part of my own career to her guidance, ”said Picente.

9 important photos of representative Sherwood Boehlert on duty in Washington, DC

Former US Representative Sherwood Boehlert died on Monday, September 20, 2021 from an illness. He served in Washington at a time when bipartisanship was in fact possible in Congress. Here are some photos of Sherry at work in Washington, DC.

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