PHOTO GALLERY: RCS Boys Place Best 5th Place at TMSAA XC State Championships | Rogersville



What a blessed day we had on Saturday October 2nd at the TMSAA XC State Championships.

I am so grateful to have witnessed the growth of these children throughout the year as competitors, athletes and teammates. This program has grown over the past six years to become a program that produces athletes who want to perform at their highest level. To say I’m proud is an understatement !!! They represented our school with class and determination.

  • The boys had their best result in school history, led by 4 excellent 8th graders who finished 5th in the state out of 15 teams.
  • Holden Sattler ran the best race of his career, peaking at just the right time. He finished with a PR of one minute of 12: 08.61 to win the ALL STATE accolades and 5th place out of 127 runners !!! In grade 6 on his 1st appearance in the state, Holden was 94th in 14: 08.65. It shows what hard work and persistence can accomplish.
  • Noah Hawk also ran the best race of his career to produce an 11-second PR of 12: 42.22 dipping under 13 minutes for the 3rd straight race. He arrived in the top 20 by finishing 16th !!! He has shown significant growth since appearing last year at State where he finished in 80th place with a time of 14.12.35. What an awesome race.
  • These two team captains have been with the program for 3 years and have trusted… I couldn’t be more proud of them. They both had an amazing season !!!
  • First-year runner Braydon Haun arrived this year and made himself comfortable providing his competitive fire and work ethic. He finished with a career PR of 27 seconds to finish 53rd with a time of 13: 38.70. What a great first season he produced.
  • Second year runner Clay Houck has really improved his game this year by constantly pushing himself in training and it has certainly paid off as he peaked the last two races by diving into the 13s with a career PR of 4 seconds. to finish 57th in 13: 45.57. This is a huge improvement over his State performance last year where he finished 110 with a time of 15: 33.77 an RP of almost 2 minutes.
  • Seventh-year student Isaac Bryan, who will be considered a leader next year, has worked hard during and off season to improve. This hard work certainly paid off as it also peaked at the right time. He dived into the 15 for the third straight race with a career PR of 5 seconds of 15: 15.41 to finish in 97th. He improved his state time from last year by almost 2 minutes. We’re excited to see what his 8th grade has in store for him.
  • Newcomer Kaleb Turner continues to show a lot of promise as he is now in good health. In his 1st state appearance, he finished with a time of 15: 46.66. We can’t wait to see his gains as he can start training regularly. We expect great things from Kaleb next year.
  • In his first appearance in the state, sophomore runner Will Phillips was our most consistent runner. He has gradually improved over the last three races and had a huge career State PR of 30 seconds in 19: 31.41 which is very promising for next year. We’re excited to see him progress through the offseason and into his 8th grade season.
  • On the girls’ side, two athletes qualified for the TMSAA State Championships and they both put in impressive performances.
  • Elizabeth Coward has worked in and out of season and is constantly pushing the boys into training. She made her second consecutive appearance at the State and finished in the top 15 in 14th place out of 127 starters !!! She had an impressive race with a time of 13: 56.39. Last year, on her US debut, she was 22nd in 14: 20.46. What great gains. We can’t wait to see what she achieves in her 8th year.
  • 1st year runner Mariam Elkammash on her 1st appearance in the State had an excellent race finishing in 43rd place with a time of 15: 39.54. She has been a wonderful addition to our team and we can’t wait to see her in her 8th grade season.
  • If your child is in grades 5-7 and wants to be a part of something special, encourage them to join RCSXC. They will be surrounded by children who are excellent role models and will certainly be introduced to working hard for themselves but especially for their TEAM. Let’s continue to strive and build.

Thank you very much to my parents who helped me anyway this season by pinning the bibs, setting up / taking down the tent, encouraging the courses, taking pictures. You really are the BEST and I couldn’t do it without you.



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