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Shane Johnson (right) discussing his “Gallery of the Gamer Overwatch Tournament” article.

2,000 pounds of solid ice filled the Sarah Spurgeon Art Gallery at Randall Hall for the Faculty of Art and Design’s exhibit department on November 3. The gallery features recent work by full-time and part-time faculty members, graduate teaching assistants, and retired CWU faculty members.

One piece that will be shown is “Thaw” created by the director of the art and design department, Gregg Schlanger.

“His [the ice] been placed in a pool and it will gradually fall over the course of the exposure,” said Heather Horn Johnson, Gallery Director.

Horn Johnson said the show is a good opportunity for students currently taking or planning to take an art and design course to see what new ideas their teachers are working on.

Schlanger said he had never done anything like “Thaw” before.

“I use ice because I think it’s a very seductive material,” Schlanger said. “I had no idea it was going to glow blue like a glacier under those lights until yesterday… It was a happy surprise.”

Schlanger said he hopes the piece is simple enough for people to jump into it and think what they want to think about it.

  1. Moss, a CWU alum, said “Thaw” gives them a sense of disconnect between body and mind.

“My show [solo exhibition at CWU] was focused on the things of being trans, seeing my body and gender as a changing identity and I totally see that here,” Moss said. “I don’t think any photos would do this piece justice because I think the movement of everything is so important. Nothing goes up towards the houses, everything goes down.

Charlie Tadlock, a CWU graduate assistant, had a piece in the exhibit called “An Hour and a Half Home,” which is a time-lapse of his drive back to western Washington.

Tadlock said he just let a feeling of unconsciousness wash over him with the accelerated images of himself.

“There are times when I’m dancing to the music in the car and there’s a time when I stop and get out and stretch and kind of let that kind of monotony and mundaneness of the road pass,” Tadlock said.

Tadlock said that with this piece he hopes people will consider their own presence when walking through landscapes.

“I’d like people to think the next time they’re driving, ‘What are these kinds of iconic symbols? How are they kind of going in and out of this feeling of hypnosis on the freeway?” Tadlock said.

Shane Johnson, a faculty member, had two plays on the show: “Gallery of the Gamer: Overwatch Tournament” and “Gallery of the Gamer: World of Warcraft.”

“These two pieces were part of a job I did for Activision Blizzard Media,” Johnson said. “They contracted with a marketing agency that I work with [and] they wanted to create an online virtual gallery showcasing different artworks or adaptations of artworks reflecting different aspects of the game and player culture.

Van Parsons, a young art student at the CWU, said his favorite piece was “Gallery of the Gamer: Overwatch Tournament.”

“It’s just like, the epitome of the genre, ‘Oh my God, I want to do this,'” Parsons said. “It’s so great to see it in a gallery. You usually don’t see it.

The Faculty of Art and Design exhibition will be held at the Sarah Spurgeon Art Gallery until December 3. The gallery is free and open weekdays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and Saturdays from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.


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