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Schell Brothers has teamed up with local entrepreneurs to bring a sweet new treat to downtown Rehoboth Beach, and it’s a far cry from caramel, fudge, and funnel corn cakes. Mug & Spoon, which sells milkshakes with new toppings, as well as coffee and pastries, opened in the Rehoboth Beach-based builder’s New Home Gallery at 18 Rehoboth Ave.

Mug & Spoon’s menu includes whimsical milkshake creations, served in mason jars and topped with unexpected treats like donuts, a roasted marshmallow between graham crackers, a rich brownie, or a piece of red velvet layered cake. Guests will need a spoon – and maybe a fork – to get to the bottom of some of these delicious concoctions.

Mug & Spoon also takes iced coffee to new heights with the addition of nitro coffee, an infusion infused with nitrogen to produce refrigerated coffee so crisp and flavorful it doesn’t need any cream or sugar.

From partnership to ingredients, the business is a local business. Mug & Spoon is an original idea from locals Aileen Hearn and Kyle Ten Eyck. Hearn’s dad, Chip, is the owner of The Ice Cream Store, which is a few stores closer to the ocean. The ice cream comes from the Woodside Farm Creamery in Hockessin, whose Jersey cows produce high fat milk. Taste makes the creamy difference at Mug & Spoon.

The New Home Gallery opened in 2014, when Schell Brothers found the perfect location just one block from the beach. But instead of a traditional gallery to showcase their new homes and communities, Schell Brothers decided to include coffee and goodies that everyone could enjoy, whether or not they are doing home shopping.

While awaiting their orders, customers can use an interactive touchscreen kiosk to browse the latest home designs in Schell Brothers communities. The welcoming environment is decorated with photographs of Schell’s award-winning homes, most popular floor plans, and a map of the area that showcases the location of his communities. The Wall of Happiness features employee photographs that surround the company’s written purpose: “Our mission is to bring happiness to ourselves and our owners by creating not only great homes and communities, but also by providing an extraordinary home buying experience. “

Along with coffee and milkshakes, the space has become a destination for those who want to see the infamous kitchen – with granite counters and stainless steel appliances – which is mounted upside down from the ceiling.

For three years, customers have turned to the cafe for their morning cup of coffee and the chance to experience Schell Brothers’ latest home designs. The recent addition of unique desserts extends the appeal of the establishment throughout the day and into the evening. The location is perfect for those looking for a sweet finish after dining at one of the many restaurants within walking distance.

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