Sculptor Jo Endoro will present his art at the AM House Art Gallery in Miami


MIAMI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–After his workshops in Pietrasanta (Italy) and Casa de Campo (Dominican Republic), the sculptor Jo Endoro is ready to land in the USA. The inauguration of AM House Art Gallery (257 Giralda Ave, Coral Gables) is scheduled for April 30and2022.

For the italian artistwho has been active in Europe, South America and the United States, this is an important recognition, since his works will now be exhibited alongside those of the caliber of Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali and Fernando Botero.

Jo Endoro was born as a sculptor, inspired by the neoclassical forms of Canova, reinterpreted using innovative techniques. His works in marble and bronze are the fruit of a timeless gaze, capable of overcoming the noise of a present exhausted by the persistence of appearance. “Being is timeless and Jo Endoro pursues it” was written about the artist by the Italian writer Francesco Mazza.

“I have always had an attraction for forms, for architectural forms, for anything that has a particular form, starting with Greece, continuing with ancient Rome, and following with the Classicism of the 1700s. my vision stems from sculpture, which in my opinion is the greatest form of art because marble does not forgive any mistakes, it requires constant work with the material and absolute rigor in the realization. This concept can then be transferred to other disciplines,” said Jo Endoro.

About the artist

Born a sculptor, Jo Endoro has always been inspired by neoclassical forms, which he reinterprets using modern and avant-garde techniques, mainly using marble and bronze. During the years spent in the Dominican Republic, he also devoted himself to painting, representing the latest famous classical and neoclassical sculptures of European art on wooden panels recycled from the heart of the rainforest, through the use of techniques mixed.

His works can be admired in Pietrasanta (Italy), Casa de Campo (Dominican Republic) and Miami (United States).


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