Support black CLT artists by visiting the pop-up art gallery at these restaurants


The female artist works on abstract oil painting, energetically moving the brush, she creates a modern masterpiece. Dark creative studio where a large canvas stands on an illuminated easel. Low angle close-up

According to Fox46, two local Charlotte restaurants are hosting a pop-up art gallery in honor of Black History Month. The “Charlotte Renaissance: urban renewal” gallery offers restaurant owners a meal and an art exhibition. Not only can you see the artwork displayed around the restaurant, but you can also purchase the artwork – and I hope you do!

One of the three artists featured is Leon Parker. He told Fox46, “The fact that it’s called urban renewal is now an inclusion in spaces where black artists wouldn’t be seen or featured. So that’s what makes it important…” The spaces Parker refers to include NoDa, an area he calls the “art district” because of the importance of art in NoDa culture. NoDa is just one part of Charlotte where gentrification has taken place since the 1960s. Many people have been forced out of their homes in historically black neighborhoods around Charlotte for redevelopment projects (Fox46).

Highlight mental health struggles

The gallery’s curator, Jaqueline Currie, is a licensed clinical mental health counselor. She began to see the difficulties artists face in getting their art exposure, especially now because of the global pandemic. She told Fox46, “There is so much pressure to create and create. Now you’re in a place where it’s hard to sell your work because people don’t meet in museums anymore… Galleries don’t have exhibitions like they used to…”

Currie said the idea for an art gallery in a restaurant came to her when she realized how bored she was staring at the bare walls while eating. And from boredom usually comes art.

Where to eat and see the stalls

Discover the art of three different local black artists at the “Charlotte Renaissance: An Urban Revival” pop-up art gallery housed at:

  • The Goodyear House in NoDa
  • The Golden Owl Tavern at the UNC Marriott Hotel

Source: Fox46

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