Sydney will host an NFT exhibition (so an art gallery, really)


NFT. They are the gift * that keeps on giving. And now they’re coming to Sydney.

Even though many Australians have NFI what an NFT is, Sydney will soon be home to a “major international NFT exhibition”. A place where NFTs will be displayed. Like an art gallery. If only that was already a thing.

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are used to verify unique items. The certificate of authenticity created by the blockchain is used for a digital asset such as art. “Non-fungible” means unique – basically everything is digital proof of ownership.

I’ve copied and pasted this paragraph a lot lately, with something new related to NFT appearing more than once a week. There’s a lot more implication in there than this blurb, and a lot of debate over whether or not the whole concept is a scam or not. But NFT’s sales so far have reached around $ 3.5 billion in the first three quarters of this year (according to the Hiscox Online Art Trade Report 2021), so the digital art market is doing something right.

This NFT exhibition will arrive in Sydney in March 2022. The organizers tell us that the exhibition, “Satellite”, will be taking place in Bondi Beach, bringing with it more than 40 works from “artists who are shaping the NFT art world. “.

“Satellite will showcase over 40 pieces showcasing the largest sample of NFT art from leading Australian and international artists,” they said.

There are a lot of artists who exhibit very beautiful work. There is beauty in some of their names too (In the ether and Bitcoin Angel are two standout pieces – here is the uncropped version of the latter by Trevor Jones).

Artwork: Bitcoin Angel. Artist: Trevor Jones.
(Image provided)

When Satellite opens March 9, 2021, visitors will be able to purchase works virtually or via QR codes that link to the NFT marketplace Foundation. Organizers say each NFT contains incorruptible built-in documentation of their origin, ownership history and current ownership status.

2022 is going to be wild, folks.

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