The National Gallery creates an immersive experience for families on Roblox


A magical augmented reality family journey at the National Gallery has been adapted into a free in-home experience for Roblox, the global online platform connecting millions of people through shared experiences.

The Keeper Council is a family-friendly experience launched this summer where aspiring “keepers” of museums around the world learn about gallery paintings and curate their own art collections.

The Keeper Council pages on Roblox

Visitors will be challenged to complete their quests and climb the ranks from Apprentice to High Guardian. Throughout the experience, they will be supervised by the character of the Guardian of the Paintings of the National Gallery.

Using the Roblox platform builds on research for the National Gallery‘s first immersive augmented reality (AR) app, The Keeper of Paintings and the Palette of Perception, available at the Gallery now and created with l helped more than 80 children in time for this year. Easter holidays. This free mobile experience uses augmented reality technology to encourage children to explore the gallery and discover its paintings.

The new Keeper Council experience on Roblox was co-created with kids working with Arcade, the National Gallery and StoryFutures researchers at Royal Holloway, University of London and Brunel Design School.

The research for both projects was informed by a dedicated children’s advisory group comprising school children from London, Brighton, Bournemouth, Brighton and Folkestone and London who were consulted throughout and helped to design and test the app and the app. Roblox experience.

Developed during the pandemic, the project used Roblox as a platform to develop ideas with children remotely. As children played and shared, the platform became an integral way for the project team to allow children to enjoy National Gallery content offsite – taking the magic of immersive storytelling beyond. beyond the walls of the Gallery and into children’s homes.


Lawrence Chiles, Head of Digital at the National Gallery in London, says: “We are always looking to expand the opportunity to present the Gallery’s collection to the public in new and innovative ways. The fact that they can learn about paintings on a platform that they find familiar, fun and engaging is great to see. It takes the Keeper of the Paintings into a World of Keepers environment that has huge potential and it’s nice to now have the characters in both a fun app in the gallery and in Roblox. The way the project evolved with the children throughout the design process is also very special.

Professor James Bennett, Director of StoryFutures at Royal Holloway, University of London, says: “By bringing together established design processes and children’s games on a 3D virtual platform like Roblox, children were able to influence and co- effectively create the Keeper Council. The result is a truly innovative experience that youngsters will love, whether they’ve visited the National Gallery before or not.

Arcade Co-Founder and Lead Developer Jon Meggitt says, “We had no intention of creating a Roblox experience, but when we realized how fun and impactful it could be, and how would complete the on-site experience, we couldn’t help ourselves. We are absolutely delighted with how it turned out and are grateful to the Gallery for once again showing how progressive and pioneer in allowing us to set this new benchmark for cultural engagement with her. We can’t wait for families to meet the Guardian Council and start playing!”

Dr Vanja Garaj, Director of Research at Brunel Design School, Brunel University London, says: “Incorporating National Gallery masterpieces into a Roblox experience is a truly innovative way of enabling younger audiences to experience the art history while enjoying the game. I’m very happy to see our collaborative R&D project with the Museum of Fine Arts deliver such a bold, immersive learning experience.

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