The National Gallery of Art’s new game is the latest Wordle variation


Challenge your artistic knowledge with Artle, a new daily puzzle designed for art lovers, by art lovers.

By Cyna Mirzai

Within months, Wordle has become a national phenomenon as the go-to game to compete with your friends while challenging your brain. Its popularity has led to many iterations of the game, such as Quordle and Phoodle. The new version, however, is perfect for art lovers.

Artle is a daily puzzle game created by the National Gallery of Art. Unlike Wordle, where you guess a word, art lovers will guess the artist behind one of the gallery’s 150,000 works. A red “X” will appear if your guess is incorrect and you will be shown another piece by the same artist. You’ll have four tries to name the artist, and the game refreshes with a new puzzle every day.

Artle lets you click and learn more about the artist and artwork of the day, and keep exploring to prepare for future Artles.

The National Gallery‘s digital division focuses on creating experiences that help citizens engage with art and creativity.

“The emergence of daily guessing games over the past few months has inspired our Digital Products and Experiences team and myself to create a daily game using the National Gallery’s collection that helps the public discover art while having fun,” says Steven Garbarino, senior product manager at the museum.

Regardless of your level of artistic expertise, everyone is encouraged to play the game. However, if you want to improve your artistic knowledge, Garbarino recommends that you explore the galleries or browse their collection on

Ready to try it for yourself? You can play Artle here.

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