These Arms Are Snakes Announce “Duct Tape & Shivering Crows” Rarities Release


Official press release:

During their seven-year run in the 2000s, These arms are serpents covered a lot of territory, both in terms of actual miles traveled on the road and in terms of creative bandwidth. Although the band was often mistaken for a typical non-sequence shouto outfit or other “animal” indie band, the Seattle band quickly defied expectations and gained a reputation for subverting popular underground sounds of the time.

These Arms Are Snakes have cultivated a small but fervent fanbase across multiple continents with their signature combination of synth-infused noise rock, bad-trip psychedelia, blazing proto-metal boogie, and messy basement hardcore show before hitting the big time. imploded at the end of 2009. And while their full albums remain apt testaments to the band’s frenetic urgency and stylistic fluidity, there’s a treasure trove of deep cuts buried on the B-sides and separate releases that reinforce further their position as one of the weirdest and craziest acts of the decade. For the first time, these rarities and unique pieces have been compiled into a cohesive overview of These Arms Are Snakes’ lifespan on the double LP. Duct tape and shivering crowsscheduled for release on April 15 on Suicidal Squeeze.

The collection’s track listing runs in reverse chronological order, starting with one of the latest recordings from These Arms Are Snakes. The rest of the A-side is the band’s songs from their split LP with Russian Circles, including “Camera Shy” which is out now. The track features a throbbing, locked and heavily punctuated rhythm section, topped with delay-soaked guitar leads, as if Jesus Lizard had rushed King Crimson’s Red.

Watch the These Arms Are Snakes visualizer for “Camera Shy” on YouTube:

B-side of Duct tape and shivering crows contains two covers and two B-sides, while the C-side is dedicated to songs by These Arms Are Snakes from their collaborative EP with Harkonen released on Hydra Head Records in 2004. The D-side takes listeners back to the band’s first demo: four woozy and noise – confusing amalgams of math rock and post-punk that would later be refined for their debut EP.

Taken as a glimpse into the career of These Arms Are Snakes, Duct tape and shivering crows is an exhilarating study of the band’s sonic evolution, varied musical approaches and consistent quality. Taken without the historical context or considerations typical of a compilation album, it’s still a cohesive and thrilling record with an arc that takes you from the sharp refinement of their later years to the adrenalized prog-punk explorations of their mid- career and eventually hit the narcotic frenzy of their first material.

To look for Duct tape and shivering crows will be available on CD, cassette, digital and 2xLP formats on April 15th and stay tuned for more news and music to come.

Duct tape and shivering crows track list:

01. Meet your mayor
02. Camera shy
03. Trix
04. Energy drink and the long way home
05. Heart shaped box
06. Washburn
07. Old Paradise
08. Payday Loans
09. Hold On To This
10 Ride the Grape Dragon (Demo)
11. Run It Through The Dog (Demo)
12. Ditch diggers everywhere (demo)
13. The Blue Rose (demo)


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