This New Art Gallery in Gastown Brings Renowned Contemporary Art to Vancouver’s Liveliest Neighborhoods


The new non-profit art center hopes to boost engagement and accessibility of art by showcasing works relevant to younger generations.

Canada – April 5and2022 – Downtown Vancouver was once home to many long-established galleries and art centers. They shaped the cultural landscape and contributed to the dynamism and tourism of the city. However, with the spread of gentrification in recent years, many of these galleries have moved out of downtown Vancouver, leaving the neighborhood with dull and uninteresting skyscrapers.

A study conducted by the National Endowment for the Art in 2019 shows that 38% of households consider it “important” or “very important” to live near artistic and cultural events and are more satisfied with the neighborhood in which they live.

In an effort to improve accessibility and public engagement in the arts, CICA Vancouver chose Gastown to host contemporary art exhibitions and various programs.

CICA Vancouver is proud to announce its Grand Opening Exhibition Through Our Eyes – Resonance and Illusion in Contemporary Portraiture, featuring art from George Condo, Rashid Johnson, Derek Fordjour, Hernan Bas, Austin Lee, Javier Calleja and more. Located in Vancouver’s most vibrant community, CICA Vancouver aims to introduce a new way to interact and engage with contemporary arts and culture.

In the third year of the pandemic, people have spent an inconceivable amount of time with themselves, while craving human interactions like never before. Just like those artists who continue to investigate the concept of individuals and collectives, and the ambiguous relationship between them, through portraiture. The human figures in their paintings are nothing but abstract representations of an individual or a group, they are encapsulated as carriers of memories, emotions, experiences and quarantine monologues. Unlike most portraits which depict a “guardian” – a real person – and aim to achieve a certain level of “likeness” in presentation, these modern works forgo the “guardian” in order to allow for a greater breadth of commonality. and ambiguity. In place of the others, these fictional “sitters” search for answers to questions such as identity, gender, chaos, uncertainty, desire, acculturation, etc. They play with people’s perceptions and illusions and constantly make them question the veracity of the subjects.

From George Condo’s “blue paint” to Rashid Johnson’s reflection on the “bruised” psychological state at the time of the pandemic, they choose to present very personal but also collective emotions. The works of Austin Lee, Andre Butzer, Mr. and Javier Calleja then offer a path of healing and resilience by immersing us in contagious happiness.

The artists merge physical appearances, experiences, memories and kaleidoscopic characteristics into a single character and inspire the audience to search for analogies and resonances. The curator of CICA Vancouver was quoted: “Participatory experience and a sense of resonance have become an important part of contemporary portraiture. They draw us into a dialogue with ourselves and the current situation”.

This exhibition runs from March 25 to May 8, 2022.

About CICA Vancouver

CICA Vancouver is a non-profit multidisciplinary arts organization founded in Vancouver in 2021. The organization aims to cultivate the creation, development and engagement of the next generation of art. Through exhibitions, panel discussions, workshops and special events, our goal is to strengthen public engagement in the arts, showcase the works of artists who represent contemporary culture and aesthetics, and bring of diversity to the local art scene. CICA Vancouver will continually emphasize the importance of engagement and accessibility in the arts and implement programs that can enhance the dissemination of contemporary art ideas.

Wed – Sat 11am – 6pm;
Sun by appointment;
Closed Monday to Tuesday

Adults – $8
Seniors (55+) – Free
Students (12 years and over) – Free
Children (12 and under) – Free

For more information, visit the official CICA Vancouver website at

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