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The OnePlus Watch launched earlier this year, making it the company’s first attempt at making a smartwatch. In our review of the OnePlus Watch, Mishaal liked the wearable and saw it as a decent competitor to offerings from Xiaomi and Amazfit. OnePlus is now back with another smartwatch, and this time it’s the OnePlus Watch Harry Potter Limited Edition.

OnePlus Watch Harry Potter Limited Edition on the wrist with the first boot logo

About this article: OnePlus India sent us the OnePlus Watch Harry Potter Limited Edition for review. This article was written after approximately 9 days of use. OnePlus had no entry into the content of this article.

The vegan leather strap is so much better than a fragile silicone strap

As the brand states, the highlight of this special edition is the Harry Potter theme and integrations. Fans of the franchise are the obvious target group for this limited edition smartwatch, but you can also choose it if you just like the aesthetics. For example, the colors of this watch are different from the regular Midnight Black and Moonlight Silver options as well as the Cobalt Limited Edition. The case is reddish brown in copper color and the bracelet complements it with a darker shade of reddish brown. The strap is leather as far as I know (vegan, not genuine leather), and the quality and feel is far superior to the usual flimsy silicone straps we see in the base model smartwatches.

There is a Hogwarts badge inscribed on the watch strap, while the clasp bears the classic Harry Potter brand mark. One of the side buttons has the OnePlus wordmark, while the other has a Bolt mark resembling Harry’s infamous mark on its forehead. If you’re not a Harry Potter fan and just want to get the watch for the look, these are all very subtle markings and nothing that screams out loud.

OnePlus Watch Harry Potter Limited Edition showing the mark on the clasp

What makes a stronger impression is the experience of unboxing the OnePlus Watch Harry Potter Edition. Unlike the relatively clean and simple boxes in other OnePlus products, this smartwatch has a very different box. The branding is very strong and obvious, and part of the reason for your purchase would be the unboxing experience as well as the box itself.

Part of the reason for your purchase would be the unboxing experience as well as the box itself.

The OnePlus Watch Harry Potter Limited Edition box slides halfway down the middle, paying homage to the scene from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (2001) where Harry first enters Diagon Alley with Hagrid. Hagrid taps the brick pattern on a dead end wall in the Leaky Cauldron, and the bricks have shifted to open a path to Diagon Alley. I vividly remember my excitement when I first saw the movie, and the unboxing experience was enough to elicit a sweet nostalgia.

The watch is in the box, and not much is happening inside the box. But the box itself is of good quality, and if you’re a Harry Potter fan, this is something you can put on your storefront alongside your other franchise collectibles.

Harry Potter integration also extends to a few places in the software. Watch startup plays the Harry Potter startup animation, but the watch starts up quickly, so you’ll only have a second or two to enjoy it. Considering the battery life on this watch is pretty good at over 8 days for me so far on the first charge, you won’t get too many of these opportunities either.

Once the watch starts, you get six different Harry Potter themed watch faces: one for each house and two more. The names of the watch faces are… questionable, though, but that’s something you can ignore. If you don’t like them, you can also use one of the other watch faces that are also available in the usual variations.

Beyond the watch faces, you also get Harry Potter-themed charging animation.

And that’s about all from what I could spot. The rest of the experience on this watch is similar to that of the standard OnePlus watch, and I recommend reading Mishaal’s review for a full description of how the watch performs. Since the review, OnePlus has addressed and added several features that it promised at launch. Namely, the watch now has a permanent display and there are several training modes. There’s even an AI Outfit mode to generate themed watch faces that complement your outfit colors – click on a photo of your outfit, and the OnePlus Health app will choose the dominant colors of your clothes and generate a watch face with it. these accents.

There is Spotify integration in the watch as well, although I haven’t figured out how to sync my Spotify playlist to the watch. There is also an option to store music files locally on the watch.

In addition, the watch also integrates with Google Maps and displays navigation instructions, which is very handy if you don’t want to constantly check your phone. All of the other features mentioned in the full review are also present and intact, so check them out.

Should you buy the OnePlus Watch Harry Potter Limited Edition?

The OnePlus Watch Harry Potter Limited Edition is meant to be a partly collectible and partly functional product. If you didn’t like the basic concept of the OnePlus Watch before that, this special edition isn’t going to change your opinion. Instead, it’s a different color aesthetic meant to appeal to people who were previously on the borderline but were hesitant. And of course, if you’re a fan of the franchise and want to wear your love on your wrist, then now you literally can.

    OnePlus Harry Potter Limited Edition Watch
    The OnePlus Watch Harry Potter Limited Edition is a product for fans of the franchise, with a unique unboxing experience, premium colorways and aesthetics, and several Harry Potter-themed software customizations on offer.

The OnePlus Watch Harry Potter Limited Edition will be available for purchase for 16,999 (vs. 14,999 for the regular watch) on OnePlus.in, the OnePlus Store app, the Red Cable Club app and OnePlus Experience offline stores. from 12:00 p.m. IST on the 21stst October 2021. Fans can also get the limited edition watch as part of an Early Access sale starting October 20, 2021, 12:00 am IST on the OnePlus Store app. Customers can also benefit from 1000 discount with ICICI Bank & Kotak and EMI bank cards.



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