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Mr. Editor:

The Maine Art Gallery and the City of Wiscasset have been partners since 1958 in preserving the Old Academy Building and promoting its mission to advance the visual arts and artists of Midcoast Maine and beyond. In 1970, under the inspired direction of artist and patron Mildred Burrage, the Maine Art Gallery as tenant and the city as owner, listed the Old Academy building from 1807, also known as the Red Brick School. , on the National Register of Historic Places.

Today, the gallery continues to provide a vibrant venue for local artists to exhibit their work and participate in educational activities while maintaining its historic location as a living physical memorial on the initiative of the citizens of Wiscasset. As the Gallery prepares to meet the challenges of an evolving Wiscasset, we seek to strengthen the long-standing partnership with the city for the mutual benefit of our community and the artists who contribute to its culture.

For this reason, we support the authorization of the Selectmen to extend the term of the lease as they see fit to approve our continued stewardship of the old Academy building and to allow better access to preservation funding.

Accordingly, please vote “yes” on question 3 in the November 2 referendum election in Wiscasset.

Wendy S. Ross

Chairman, Board of Directors

Maine Wiscasset Art Gallery



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