Wayne State professor exhibits pieces at Walker Art Gallery



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Against the dark gallery “Irregular Migration” radiates from the walls splashing with brilliant rays. The Walker Art Gallery exhibits the work of Sarah Lemmon.

Lecturer Matt Ziemke has strived to exhibit more sculptural works since becoming UNK gallery coordinator last year.

“I really like that Sarah uses a variety of materials,” Ziemke said. “While the ideas are consistent in his work, the materials are variable, making for a diverse and interesting exhibit.”

Sarah Lemmon is Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Art and Design at Wayne State College. Matt Ziemke gave him a lot of creative control over the exhibition after he selected his proposal for the Walker Art Gallery. He finds his content a valuable chance for students to see experimental and contemporary work.

“We were able to sell out his artist talk on Monday and everyone was really excited and there was probably about 20 minutes of questions,” Ziemke said. “Then everyone went straight to the gallery’s opening reception and there was a lot of good conversation, so I think the students reacted well to her work and to her too. I hope they will have the chance to spend time with the work and that they will appreciate some of the experimentation that took place and the result that Sarah obtained from her work in the exhibition.

Sierra Maginnis is one of the many students who have explored the gallery.

“When I walked in there, it reminded me a lot of Sandy Skoglund’s work,” Maginnis said. “I think with the lights off it’s so weird and scary. I think it would be cool if everyone came to see this show. It brings more traffic through the FAB and it’s really a cool show and she has a lot of atmosphere in the room.

The exhibit turns heads as students pass by. A display as creative and unique as “Irregular Migration” presents a unique meaning to every perspective. Student Taylor Mues shared her thoughts on the exhibit.

“It almost seems like the coyotes are lighting the way home trying to guide their pack,” Mues said.


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