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COLONY — Capital District Republicans rallied around their statewide ticket along Central Avenue on Tuesday, August 30.

Lee Zeldin, the GOP gubernatorial candidate, as he stood in front of a red “Save the State” bus, hammered home key campaign themes and slammed a recent poll that said he had lost more than 20 points with the election about two months away.

Republican members of Congress on Long Island have said crime is a priority on the minds of New Yorkers and echoed calls to repeal bail reform initiated by the US legislature. State dominated by Democrats two years ago.

‘I unabashedly support our men and women in law enforcement and I do so with pride,’ he said, with a nod to his lieutenant governor candidate, the police officer retired from New York, Alison Esposito. “I believe that rogue district attorneys who refuse to enforce the law and want to handcuff law enforcement and refuse to handcuff criminals should be made to do their job.”

To keep the party staunch, loyal, he addressed a recent poll by Survey USA, commissioned by WNYT in Albany, which found him 24 points down.

“It’s a bogus poll. It’s not true. They didn’t check registered voters or check voter history or any of that. There are those who study these things and say ‘it’s a fake poll’ and there are others who echo it and say ‘it’s over,’” he said. “What we follow internally is an 8-point race. It’s not enough because we’re in this race to win. But, I’ll tell you what, when the poll said George Pataki, the last week of the election, was going to lose by 11.5 and won by 3.5, they were down 15 points and that’s only August.

While that may be true, some polls have shown Pataki neck and neck with three-term incumbent Governor Mario Cuomo as early as September. According to the Buffalo News, in an article published on September 9, 1994, a poll conducted by Mason-Dixon/Media Research had Pataki with a 2-point lead. On October 5, 1994, The New York Times cited a poll that found Pataki had a 3-point lead, 44-41, with 12% still undecided.

“Over the next two months they’ll tell us we don’t stand a chance, some are in the media and you know Kathy Hochul and the Democrats will,” he told about 200 supporters. “They will try to convince you that this race is over.”

Hochul, a Democrat from Buffalo, was elevated to the post after Governor Andrew Cuomo resigned in disgrace. While an August 2 Siena College Research Institute poll found Hochul had a 14-point lead, his approval rating was less than 50%. The same poll found that 41% of likely voters had no opinion or hadn’t heard of Zeldin.

Zeldin tries to change that last statistic by touring the entire state with his “Save the State” bus and issuing a grassroots appeal to party loyalists.

A number of Capital District Republicans — some serving and some running — spoke, including Colonie Supervisor Peter Crummey, Colonie Town Board Members Jeff Madden and Danielle Futia, Albany County Legislature Peter Grimm, Rensselaer County Executive Steve McLaughlin, State Assembly candidate Alexandra Velella and State Supreme Court nominee Tom Marcelle.

“She said she was suing me for my opinions, which means she was suing all of you,” Zeldin said. “If you believe like me, we should repeal the cashless bail reform. If you think like me, there is not enough upward economic mobility and opportunity in this state and it costs too much to survive here and we need to rein in spending and cut taxes at all levels. We are on a mission to save the state. We, our families, our neighbors and really our whole state are at breaking point right now. The laws, security, freedom and quality of education of our children are under attack and we will not tolerate it.

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